teaching: marketing

Here are some topics and concepts I find important to consider in the teaching of marketing:

Branding and Market Leadership

  • How organizations create and sustain leading market positions
  • Product-service life cycles for new products in the 21st century
  • Marketing education programs in higher education
  • Use of integrated marketing communications plan
  • Effective branding and marketing leadership in non-profit organizations

Consumer Behavior

  • Trends in buying behavior
  • Consumer emotional response to change and innovation
  • Cultural influences in consumer purchasing decisions
  • Cross-cultural consumer decision-making

Marketing Blunders

  • Steps or processes missed in new product development process
  • Learning from global marketing mistakes
  • Cross-cultural blunders and successes

Marketing Concept to Societal Marketing Concept

  • Use of student marketing plan projects for non-profit organizations
  • Cause-related/affinity marketing: from marketing concept to corporate social responsibility
  • Societal marketing in a competitive and skeptical marketplace

Marketing Ethics and Accountability

  • Habits of effective marketing managers and marketing educators
  • Images and roles assumed by people, regardless of race, sex, or occupation
  • The proliferation of direct marketing and use of the internet to market to children
  • How consumer lifestyles create a domino effect of purchasing more than they need or can afford
  • The practices of persistent and high-pressure selling, telemarketing calls, and infomercials
  • Marketing appeals designed to take advantage of young, inexperienced, or elderly consumers

Marketing Planning Strategies

  • Student consulting projects and outcomes
  • Guerrilla marketing tactics
  • Processes for cross-cultural marketing, cultural competency, and global marketing
  • The benefits and pitfalls involved in executing a customer orientation
  • Steps for successful marketing events
  • The benefits of developing and using an organizational market plan

Qualitative Research

  • The benefits and challenges of focus groups
  • Student consulting focus group projects for profit and non-profit organizations

Service Quality and Learning Resources

  • Creative applications of leadership in the classroom
  • Connecting faculty and students in the classroom
  • Innovative pedagogy and technology that enhance learning
  • Building communication, presentation, networking, business etiquette and consulting skills for marketing students
  • The elements of excellence in the classroom

Strategic Retailing and Selling

  • Integrated multi-channel retailing strategies
  • Best practices for luxury brands and retailers
  • Attitudes and motivations of the luxury consumer market
  • Success factors for sales professionals and managers
  • Developing, retaining and motivating effective salespeople
  • How retailers target the next generation, e.g. Gen Y
  • The use and overuse of social networks by retailers and professional sales organizations

Student Attitudes and Perceptions

  • Use of social networks
  • Learning modalities
  • Study skills
  • Team projects
  • Classroom guest speakers