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I have always loved sports and fitness. I believe in the motto that an active mind equals an active body, and feel this is the prescription to reduce stress and clear your mind of your troubles. I am an AFAA™ Fitness instructor at two health clubs in my community, certified in Spinning™ and X-Biking™, which are indoor cycling classes that provide a seriously intense workout.
I feel teaching and facilitating group fitness classes is a wonderful way to meet new people and get a great workout, all at the same time. Becoming involved in fitness instruction has provided me with a personally rewarding opportunity to meet new friends, enhance my personal health and health of others. I also dabble in sprint and olympic-distance triathlons for fun (but, at this point in my life, not for speed). I enjoy training with my friends for the events, and feel that I have even more fun training than I do for the actual event.

I have to thank my mom for teaching me the love of exercising. To this day (she is 75+), she facilitates water aerobics for her friends in Florida, and in the summer months at Lake Wesaukingshe bikes at least four miles per day and plays tennis daily. She has been my inspiration on how to live life and take what is given to you with class and dignity.

Other Hobbies

I love to dabble in the arts, and had the wonderful opportunity to study photography and video art with Jan Kather. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience to create and develop black and white photographs in the dark room, a lost art form with the introduction of digital photography. And let’s just say I love the Food Network. My grandparents came to America and had an Italian restaurant, and I think it is in my blood to love to cooking, baking, and experiments involving both. Finally, my dream is to get an MFA before I leave this planet.