reflections: student reflections

M. Doherty

I believe Professor Alison Wolfe should be applauded as one of Elmira College’s greatest faculty contributors to the success and development of business students at the College. As a recent graduate with a degree in Business Administration and concentration in Marketing, I had the privilege of taking three upper-level marketing courses with Professor Wolfe: (MKT3800) International Marketing, (MKT3260) Strategic Retailing Management, and (MKT4000) Marketing Planning. Her dynamic approach to teaching concepts with a “hands-on” style made the material fascinating and much more relatable to real-world business situations. We learned how to interact with clients, prepare 40+ page business proposals, and perhaps most importantly, how to present ourselves in a professional manner. In an age where face-to-face interaction has dwindled, Professor Wolfe was able to show dozens of students at a time how to conduct themselves in business meetings at major retailers in New York City, how to deliver fully-researched advice to clients, and how to present these ideas in front of important guests, including Chamber of Commerce members.

On a personal level, Professor Wolfe’s energy and enthusiasm are qualities I aspire to emulate as I progress in my professional career. Not only is she an influential instructor, but she is an active member of the Elmira College Community, and extends an extra effort to helping her students succeed after graduation. Her experience in the business field makes her a role model for all of her students, and especially for those competitive young professional women among us. As I look to complete my Master’s and Graduate Assistantship program this summer, I know I will have many of the tools I need to succeed in the public relations field, largely due to the guidance I received in Professor Wolfe’s challenging courses.

Meaghan Doherty
Elmira College, Class of 2008
Public Relations Associate

N. Bujak

During my experience at Elmira College as an undergraduate, graduate student, and Placement Coordinator in the Office of Counseling and Career Services, I have been acquainted with Professor Wolfe for five consecutive years. For the duration of this time Professor Wolfe has proven to me as a faculty advisor and colleague that she is a most compassionate, personable, good-natured, intelligent, and knowledgeable professor.

Throughout the years I have recognized Alison Wolfe as a great teacher. As a sophomore, I was fortunate to have Professor Wolfe as an instructor for HUM1915 and my term III experience abroad to the United Kingdom. During my course I gained an unforgettable experience in the classroom on campus in preparation for our trip abroad, and amazing travels to the UK and France along with acquiring knowledge of others’ cultures and history. Professor Wolfe was more than just a teacher. She taught wonderful lessons and tours, but also was very caring towards her students during and after the course and provided us with tea and scones in class. She was very personable and approachable in and outside of the classroom. The course and traveling experience overall was most memorable and Professor Wolfe was a great influence on the trip.

As a Graduate Assistant and Administrator on campus, I have witnessed Professor Wolfe holding positive relationships with faculty, office staff, and students at Elmira College. She also has many connections and relationships off campus. Professor Wolfe has been a wonderful support for our office as she helps her students with recommendations and with finding job, internship, and graduate school placements. She has also has assisted our office in making career-related presentations and workshops including a presentation on Successful Interviewing Strategies which was held during the office’s Commencement to Career Month.

As demonstrated, Professor Wolfe is an active faculty member on campus and a pleasure to know. I would recommend Professor Wolfe as a teacher, to ask advice, and also to take one of her courses.

Nicole Bujak
Ms. Nicole Bujak ’08 
Graduate Student and Placement Coordinator in the Office of Counseling and Career Services
Elmira College

L. Larsen

Over the four years I was at Elmira College, Alison Wolfe was my professor, advisor and mentor. Her interactive marketing classes brought the subjects to life and has more than prepared me for both my internship and career. Every course with her was eventful and exciting (some days overwhelming) but the topics /lessons have stayed with me. It is because of her encouragement, guidance and faith in me that I am where I am today.

Lindsey Larsen
Elmira College, Class of 2009

M. Kilgour

As a freshman, I entered Elmira College as a Psychology and Business major focusing in Marketing and Management. (Learning, although a passion of mine, has never come easy for me.) Accepted into Elmira College I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to enhance my learning in a small classroom setting. I still can recall the excitement and anticipation I experienced that winter term my freshman year when I took my first business course, (MKT2250) Principles of Marketing with Alison Wolfe. I remember sitting in the front row on the left side getting a colorful syllabus longer than my freshman 20 page paper! Through her instruction, as the term went on, I was able to learn about marketing and apply it to a product that our assigned groups dreamed up. Our product had to be a type of dog food. As a class, we ventured into the world of marketing, learning about SWOT analysis, the importance of understanding the industry one is entering, research, presentation skills, and more. I created a project that I was proud to present. Since this course I have had the honor to continue my educational experience with her in an upper level class, (MKT3260) Strategic Retailing Management class. Giving the class an opportunity to experience retailing in NYC, Alison planned and arranged for us to meet with senior executives from Crate & Barrel, NBA Marketing Team, Nike, Steuben Glass, Tommy Hilfiger and other exciting marketers. Over a few days we learned how retailing is relied on to ensure the success of a company.

Alison’s guidance and support follows students beyond the classroom. Her care, energy and dedication to any task she undertakes sparkles from within her. During the last four years I have had the ability to grow as a student and a person under the direction she provided as my professor and through the support she gave to the Marketing and Management (M&M) Club as the advisor. Entering my junior year of college, I knew I loved my fields of study, but had no idea where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with them. Alison, although not my advisor, sat and met with me. Through her insight and knowledge, I was able to find a profession I am excited to explore. I have grown in strides that since my first day I entered her (MKT2250) Principles of Marketing class in winter of 2007. Always looking to improve the next lesson, clarify the material presented in the text for her students, and opening the doors to knowledge through exposing students to real life experiences, Alison should be a professor all business students should choose. Raising and exceeding my expectations over the past four years I have known Alison Wolfe, the care and passion she exhibits to ensure that all her students have the opportunity to not only learn and understand when she teaches, but be able to apply and use her lessons. She is the epitome of what makes going to a small college so special. Always looking to see what classes I can take with her next, I find myself excited to finish my college career with (MKT4000) Market Planning, and the lessons she has in store, which she has I am sure most diligently planned.

Michelle Kilgour
Elmira College, Class of 2010

M. Carney

I have had the privilege of being in two of Professor Wolfe’s classes, and I will be embarking on my final Marketing Class with her in January. I can honestly say that Professor Wolfe has been one of my favorite Professors and was a driving force to why I chose to be a Marketing Major.

My first class with Professor Wolfe was (MKT2250) Principals of Marketing during my sophomore year. I really did not know what to expect and I was still unsure on what I wanted to major in. I definitely was intimidated when I saw the 20 page syllabus and after she talked about the term project, but that class seemed extremely interesting. Each and every class period was enjoyable with her teaching, I could see the passion she had, and it was reflected in the way she taught. Everyone in the class was always engaged in every discussion we had. The term project was a bit rough for me because my group dissolved just a few weeks prior to our presentation. I met with Professor Wolfe and she said she had so much confidence in my ability in this class, especially with all the issues my group had. She ended up moving me to another group, and the project that we did was great. After taking that (MKT2250) Principles of Marketing class I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

My junior year I took (MKT3260) Strategic Retailing Management class with Professor Wolfe. This was another amazing class. Again Professor Wolfe’s teaching style amazed me. She expected a great deal from us, but I know that every student in that class put in the effort because we all knew how much she wanted us to succeed. During this class we took a trip to New York City where we met professionals from various companies including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Steuben Glass, and Crate and Barrel. This was a great experience because it really gave everyone a glimpse into what we could be doing in the future. Professor Wolfe was so amazing during this trip, and answered any questions we had. I will be taking (MKT4000) Marketing Planning with Professor Wolfe this coming term, and am so excited to be in her classroom again for my final Marketing class.

I not only have had the opportunity to work with Professor Wolfe inside the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. I have been part of the Student Association Executive Council for the past two years, and Professor Wolfe sits on the committee as our faculty advisor. She is just as professional outside the classroom as she is inside. She has always been there for me and the rest of the committee and we are all grateful for that. In closing for those of you who decide to become a Business Administration – Marketing specialization, you will get so much out of Professor Wolfe’s classes and enjoy every aspect of class.

Matt Carney
Elmira College, Class of 2010

A. Pyros

My name is Alia Pyros ’10 and for the past three, to be four, years I have been under the guidance and mentorship of Professor Wolfe. A true business professional, Professor Wolfe has inspired me to constantly achieve my best and strive beyond my known limits both in and out of the classroom. Professor Wolfe strives to always provide students with the real world experiences and situations to push learning to the next level. Passionate about not only her profession but also her students and advisees, of which I had the pleasure of being both, I truly believe Professor Wolfe has allowed us to sow the seeds of success in the future by providing us the personalized attention, drive and determination and above all passion needed to succeed.

Alia Pyros
Elmira College, Class of 2010

P. Moore

Professor Wolfe is the greatest advisor I could ask for. Her dedication and model leadership have helped me to strive for, and achieve greater goals than I could ever have imagined for myself. As a professor, she puts a lot of time and energy into teaching her students, and expects that the students reciprocate. As an advisor, she works tirelessly to help her students realize their potential. And, as a friend, she wants nothing more than to see you succeed. We are lucky to have such a dedicated and compassionate person working at Elmira, as we students work towards our future.

Patrick Moore
Elmira College, Class of 2010

D. Culver

I’m Danielle Culver ’11- Student, an Elementary Education Major with a concentration in Social Studies. I know Professor Wolfe through the term III experience in London. I took the United Kingdom travel course (HUM1915), where the class spent two weeks here in the U.S. and then went to the United Kingdom. Professor Wolfe was great during my first out of country experience! I learned so much here in the U.S., with Professor Wolfe and Professor Parkhouse. The two weeks here in the U.S. are full of work, but what you learn here, helps you over in the United Kingdom! The time was worth it, Professor Wolfe was always asking us questions to make sure everything was going good. She always wanted our input as a class, and wanted to make the time we had in London worth the time. As for the course with her, she provides each student with a binder, with information, which helps so much! At first it seemed overwhelming and like it was going to be a challenge, but not with Professors Wolfe and Parkhouse, they walk you through everything, step by step. The time I spent with Professor Wolfe was amazing. I am always worried about my grades, and this class was a challenge, but ended up being the best experience I had at Elmira.
This course-trip was amazing, and will help me with teaching, as the trip gave me so many experiences. Elmira College is great, and the teachers here care, and Professor Wolfe is no exception. While over in London, we made pottery and it came back long after the trip was over, she contacted us and was so excited to see us again. The time spent in the United Kingdom was amazing and will be something I cherish forever. Going on a Term III UK trip was amazing, and so was my experience with Professor Wolfe!

Danielle Culver
Elmira College, Class of 2011

C. Hotaling

I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Wolfe last year when I enrolled in her (MKT2250) Principles of Marketing class during Term II, in addition to travelling with her to the (HUM1915) United Kingdom during Term III. After taking both of these classes, I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that these were two of my favorite classes that I have taken so far at Elmira College. I am an accounting major, and the marketing class that I took with Professor Wolfe has been one of the best classes that I have taken within my major. Not only did I come to enjoy marketing, but I also learned more than I ever could have imagined because of the way that Professor Wolfe conducted her class. Professor Wolfe made it easy to learn about the fundamentals of marketing through her use of interactive discussions, detailed power points, in addition to real case study examples. During Term III, I travelled with Professor Wolfe and Professor Parkhouse to the United Kingdom. I can honestly say that this experience was one of the best times that I have had in my life, and I am so happy that I chose to go on this particular Term III trip. Looking back on the classes that I have taken during my career at Elmira College, I am so glad that I enrolled in Professor Wolfe’s classes because it gave me the opportunity to meet an exceptional professor that I otherwise would not have had the pleasure of knowing.

Chelsea Hotaling
Elmira College, Class of 2011

A. Clark

Thinking about third term can be overwhelming and traveling out of the country can be exciting as well as apprehensive. I had always wanted to travel to London and learn about the culture and people of Great Britain, so I went to the London meeting and met Professor Alison Wolfe. She was special from the time I met her and she put all of my anxieties to rest. After listening to her speak about this travel-course (HUM1915), I was definitely sure this was where I wanted to be. I was not wrong about my choice.

Leading up to spring term, Professor Wolfe was very approachable and I could talk to her about any questions I had. She made me feel comfortable and never hesitated to answer my questions no matter how insignificant they might have been. She is a unique person who genuinely cares about people and always takes the time to help you, whether it was during office hours or on her own time. She is a person who goes above and beyond the job description of a professor. Professor Wolfe is very organized and was extremely thorough in the details of our trip and what we were doing each day.

She is a person who I am very comfortable going to with any questions or concerns. I witnessed how knowledgeable she was on my trip to London and in the classroom. She is a lot of fun to be with and I have never heard her criticize anything or say a bad word about anyone. The preparation work for London was good because we knew a lot about the various sites and particular people before we left. While her class was a lot of work, I felt much more confident while traveling as a result.

Professor Wolfe was great to travel with and I had a lot of fun in London on our third term excursion. She makes you feel comfortable and puts you at ease. I consider her more like a friend than my professor and am proud to know her.

Ashley Clark
Elmira College, Class of 2011

C. Zrimsek

Last year during Elmira’s spring term, I took a travel UK course (HUM1915) with Professor Wolfe which she co-taught with Professor Gerald Parkhouse. We went on the most amazing trip to the United Kingdom! I had never travelled abroad before and I cannot imagine a more wonderful first experience travelling outside of the United States and Canada. The contribution of both Professors Wolfe and Parkhouse made the experience truly unlike any other. There was a wonderful balance between seeing all of the tourist locations and seeing the UK from the eyes of a seasoned UK native. It was a high-energy, fast-paced trip, much like Professor Wolfe herself, which made the trip packed-full and gave us time to see more than most could see in an entire semester abroad.

Christine Zrimsek
Elmira College, Class of 2011

K. Kalolo

Last year during third term of my freshman year I made the decision to attend the UK travel course (HUM1915), which was taught by Professor Wolfe and Professor Parkhouse. It was my first experience with Professor Wolfe, and what struck me most was her incredible enthusiasm and organization. She was so excited to be sharing this experience with us, and it created a great atmosphere to travel in. Professor Wolfe amazed us all with the personalized binders that she made for each one of us, separated into categories and filled with pages of useful information. She was always well prepared in class, with detailed PowerPoints and handouts as well.

Once we had made it to London, her punctuality and immense knowledge of the city and its history were endlessly helpful. She was always so positive and upbeat, giving us a boost that we needed after a long day of trains and sight seeing. I also remember that I expressed interest in visiting the Tate Museum of Modern Art, and Professor Wolfe took me aside and taught me several different routes to take from all the maps and books she kept in her bag.

Now that we are back at the school and our fields often keep us apart, it makes the few times that we run into each other so special. It always brings a smile to my face when I run into Professor Wolfe and she has a big grin and excited hello to share. I feel so lucky that I was able to travel and take this class with her, because of her contagious excitement, giving heart and the incredible knowledge that she is always willing to take the time and share.

Kristina Kalolo
Elmira College, Class of 2012